All spiritual seekers gain from the guidance of those who have walked these ways before.

Guidance show you how to cross the spiritual landscape your path has reached.


Spiritual seekers who are interested in finding meaning and expanding their lives may want to undertake a spiritual retreat.

A retreat is the most precious of all gifts. During this time there is uninterrupted space for clarity, and raising of your consciousness. In the process you will traverse different planes and let go of everyday entanglements and blind spots. You will discover a fresher perspective on your life and yourself. This great opportunity comes simply from being more conscious of the One in which there is lasting Peace, Bliss and Renewal.


Committing to a longer-term approach of spiritual guidance through meditation practices.

Seekers who are ready to approach their spiritual journey with an open heart, patience and a willingness to learn will receive guidance on appropriate meditation. The guidance is most often given through sittings which are short meetings with Shanti. These can be offered online or by phone.

The spiritual path is not always easy and Shanti will be offering encouragement and support to stay on the journey.


Dream guidance is incorporated within retreats. In addition, spiritual dreamwork can be undertaken as a specific form of guidance either one to one or in groups.

Attending to your dreams is fundamental to the spiritual quest. The dream guidance helps the seeker to discover the Eternal within.

Shanti will take you through your dreams so you can bring to light the hidden meanings and benefit from their guidance and support. She will prescribe meditation based on the dream guidance from your dream.