Events are special opportunities to connect with self, others and inner guidance, providing focussed attention on what your soul needs.

Peace Sessions

Weekly Gathering via Zoom.

Shanti shares reflections on the different aspects and teachings of the spiritual path, along with meditations, chanting and music. 


Sundays 8am to 9am (London); online on Zoom.


Upcoming meetings:

13 Nov 2022 Peace Session

20 Nov 2022 Peace Session

27 Nov 2022 Peace Session

4 Dec 2022 Peace Session Sharing – Bring a poem or sing a song.

11 Dec 2022 Mini Retreat 7am – 10am 



 Donations can be made via the contact page of this website.


Thanks to Jānī for hosting; and Āzif, Diana and Claire for singing.

Guided Retreats

Give yourself the best gift you can receive.  Feel free to make contact in order to explore options.

Group Retreat: Mini Retreat Online 11 December 2022

Silent retreat for beginners or long-standing retreat-ants. An opportunity to refresh your soul and find new energy, courage and insight.

Feel free to make contact for more information or to register.